If you heard that unexpected shout of joy about an hour ago- that was me!

For today I finished the draft of my latest novel, Romancing Robin Hood. Of course there is still a long way to go before the story is complete.  I have approximately a month of edits ahead of me. (Well, about two weeks really- but it has to be slotted in between my other jobs!)

romancing robin hood

I have had so much fun writing this story- my second full length romance novel. I was going to say my second “contemporary” romance novel- but in this case that would only be partly true, for my latest work is split over two time streams- the 21st and 14th centuries.


Dr Grace Harper is a researcher and lecturer in Medieval History- obsessed about the legend of Robin Hood from an early age, she is in the process of writing her magnum opus- a book all about a real medieval criminal gang, who Grace firmly believes gave birth to the Robin Hood legend. She is also writing a novel about the same subject- but so far only her best friend Daisy knows what she’s up to. If her Head of Department finds out Grace isn’t spending her non-teaching time entirely on her text book, he will not be pleased.

Life, students, and Daisy’s unexpected wedding- for which Daisy has ordered Grace to be bridesmaid- keep getting in the way of Grace’s research into the life of her fourteenth century protagonist – Mathilda.

To add to her distractions, Dr Robert Franks, a new lecturer at a rival University has asked Grace to be an examiner for one of his PhD students. Grace reluctantly agrees- but only because he has access to some original documents that she hopes will take her deeper into Mathilda’s world…

Romancing Robin Hood is not a time slip or time travel story, but two stories running parallel to one another- with a hint of a criminal mystery thrown in… Each tale compliments the other, as Grace’s own life influences the way she writes Mathilda’s story.

Slowly Grace begins to wonder if she has been spending too much time hiding in history, and watching her endless supply of Robin Hood films…maybe her friend Daisy is right- could she be missing out on real life?

Perhaps there is someone real out there she can learn to trust- and maybe even fall in love with in the modern world…

RH- Michael and Judi

Right! I’d better get on with starting those edits then!!

Happy reading,

Jenny x