As my 50th birthday approaches at top speed, I’ve caught myself thinking a lot about all the things I’ve done with my life so far – and all the dreams I still hope still to fulfil.

One minute I was a teenager with dreams of being an archaeologist or medieval historian – the next I’m writing erotica – then romcoms- then crime – then scripts. What next I wonder? I used to think, when I was a kid, that life would work to a nice easy plan once I was a grown up. How foolish I was. Adulthood is basically a mad scramble for coffee with money earning obligations.

I’ve learnt a few bits and bobs over the years – especially about this writing lark. Most of these things come directly from the mistakes I’ve made and the hurdles I’ve overcome during my 17 year career. (And boy – there have been SO many.)

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of guiding a few others along their writing journeys – and they – in turn – have taught me so much. (As well as sharing lots of laughs)

I’ve had two amazing children, an incredible husband, and am blessed with a great family and many friends. Yet, as the half century mark approaches, I feel the need to take stock of a few things.

The fact of the matter is – I shouldn’t have got this far. I’ll not bore you with the details, but my life expectancy wasn’t long after my arrival on 13th July 1972.  Somehow, however, I hung on – and hung on a bit longer- and here I am, proving that pure stubbornness can go a long way.

When I was a little girl, my Nan would  often tell me that “I was born to make my mark”. I never took that to mean anything other than that she loved me. Now though, as I sit writing this blog I can see my novels sitting on the bookshelves before me, and my Nan’s words have taken on a more literal meaning. Whatever happens in the future, there will always be a little bit of me here – and on bookshelves across the world. This is a humbling feeling- and even as I type it I can feel the imposter syndrome tapping me on the shoulder.

“Don’t be ridiculous woman, why would anyone want one of your books on their shelves?”

The imposter monster and I have been adversarys for a very long time!

Normally, folk share their bucket list dreams at a time like this – but I finished my bucket list years ago and I’ve never got round to writing another one.  Instead, I thought the fact I’m nearly 50 gives me a fabulous excuse to share various top tips/thoughts/ideas with you all.

So – you’ve been warned. Many ‘Top 5’ lists will be coming your way very soon!

Happy reading,

Jenny xx