I admit it- I had an ulterior motive when I wrote my latest novel, Romancing Robin Hood – not only did it give me an excuse to reminisce about my university days- for the novel is set in an around my old stomping ground of Leicester University- but it also gave me an excuse to use the PhD research I did into the legends of Robin Hood while I was there!

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Romancing Robin Hood

Last weekend I was lucky enough to find myself in Leicester once again, for a university reunion with a few of my dearest friends. Not only did I enjoy a laugh- a far few glasses of wine- with my friends, I also took myself on a mini tour of the main landmarks within the novel!

This is the Attenborough tour, where as an archaeology and history student I worked very hard- and as a medieval Lecturer, Grace, in Romancing Robin Hood, sits and writing her novel, daydreaming about Robin Hood- and another Robert- when she should be writing a textbook…

Leic- libraryThis in Leicester University’s Library- where I both worked after my student days were over, and where grace spends many an hour reading and researching…

The Victorian new Walk- a beautiful walkway from Leicester University into the city centre…

The New Walk Museum, where I have spent many a happy hour just looking, and where Grace is sent on a blind date by her friend Aggie…


Thanks for allowing me a little indulgence into my past…I hope you enjoy my part modern, part historical novel. xx

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Happy reading

Jenny xx