A festive sequel to Another Cup of Christmas

Izzie Spencer-Harris, owner of the Cotswold Art and Crafts Centre, is due to host the prestigious Cotswold Choir’s annual Christmas carol concert in her beautiful converted church. Or at least she was, until a storm smashed a hole right through the chancel roof.

Days from Christmas, Izzie suddenly finds herself up to her neck in DIY, with her last dodgy workman having walked off the job. She does the only thing she can … calls in her best friend Megan to help.

Leaving Peggy and Scott to run Pickwicks Café in her absence, Megan heads to the Cotswolds for Christmas. Within minutes of her arrival, she finds herself hunting down anyone willing to take on extra work so close to Christmas. It seems the only person available to help is Joseph Parker – a carpenter who, while admittedly gorgeous, seems to have ulterior motives for everything he does …

With Izzie’s bossy mother, Lady Spencer-Harris, causing her problems at every turn, an accident at work causing yet more delays, and the date for the concert drawing ever nearer, it’s going to take a lot more than Mrs Vickers’ powerful mulled wine to make sure everything is all right on the night …

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Christmas in the Cotswolds is also available in the paperback collection – Jenny Kane’s Christmas Collection


“…A fun, light hearted tale of love hitting you up side the head when you least expect it!! You know, this would make a brilliant one off TV comedy drama at Christmas time …”  Amazon UK

“Well Jenny you have put out another good Christmas story again! It’s nice to see Megan come back in this story and the mentioning on the Pickwicks Café gang. Izzy has taken on the job of renovating an old church and turning it into an Arts and Crafts center. What she didn’t expect was for her contractor to be a total douche and leave her with only 9 days left till the choir concert. Izzy decides to enlist her old college friend Megan to be her right hand man. It’s a good thing Megan came when she did because Izzy is stressed to the MAX. One the plus side they do get a contractor to do the job but will Izzy get along with this guy till the job is complete. What kinds of disasters will they have in this short amount of time? Well you know something always goes wrong when you are in a hurry. This is a great short story…” Amazon.UK