Winter Fires at Mill GrangeMill Grange is a place of miracles, and never more so than at Christmas…

Mill Grange is putting on a show this holiday season!

When young Dylan Harris’s former babysitter, Harriet, needs a last minute venue for her acting troupe’s outdoor production of Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale, the staff at Mill Grange throw its doors open…but they may get more drama than they’d bargained for!

With a play to arrange, an unexpected arrival adds to the drama. It soon looks as if a miracle will be needed to make sure this Christmas is one that Thea, Tina, Sam, Shaun, Helen and Tom – along with retirees Bert and Mabel Hastings,– won’t forget…


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Reviews from Netgalley

‘Winter Fires at Mill Grange is a wonderful read! …Although I didn’t read the other books in the series, this was a great read on its own. I am anxious to go back and read the rest. Thank you for the read!’

‘A wonderful feel good book for the Christmas season, A welcome return to friends that you will have meet in the previous books. These books are filled with hope, love, happiness and a longing for more. It’s so very sad to read the last book, I’m sure another instalment could be written please.’

‘I’d love to go and stay a while at Mill Grange. Set on Exmoor, the beauty of the surrounding countryside comes across on every page, and being back with Tina, Sam, Thea and Helen again was wonderful. The whole series is so engaging and Jenny Kane has written such brilliant characters – Mabel and Bert are certainly favourites of mine. Being back at Mill Grange in Winter was captivating and magical.’

⭐⭐⭐⭐What a delightful story this was, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. This series has been so engaging and I have loved all of them. However, I have a feeling this is one was my favourite. The story flowed really well and was full of wonderful characters, situations and events. It had me hooked and towards the end, I was so engrossed I found it hard to put down. It is a really lovely read.
This story is the fourth of the Mill Grange books and has all the characters from previous books coming together. I have to say I really like these characters, they are all different personalities and so well written, they are very believable. It was lovely to catch up with their lives. It could be read as a standalone story but you would be missing out if you didn’t read the others first.
Set on Exmoor, somewhere I know very well, it was really nice being able to picture the places named made me really feel part of the story too. However, Jenny Kane evokes the feel of the area and of the manor house, Mill Grange, so well that the reader will feel as if they know it anyway.
If you are looking for a lovely story, then this series of books is ideal. Easy to read and easy to escape into, they are perfect and I highly recommend them. I can’t believe this is the end of the Mill Grange series, I have loved reading these books and will miss the characters, but they certainly had a fantastic ending.’
‘…Often, when you’ve been so keen to start a book, the reality isn’t as good as the plot you’ve built up in your own mind. I’m happy to say this is definitely not the case in this, the last in the Mill Grange series. It’s a knockout of an final book and what I like most about it is that it’s an ending the characters have really had to work hard for. There’s relatively few of the ‘happy coincidences’ that often make rom-com books feel out of touch with reality – Jenny’s characters are all grounded in the real world and they all have to fight (against the world and themselves) for their happy ever afters. Therefore, whilst I’m sad that we’ve reached the end of the Mill Grange story, the characters have all been left exactly where they should be and I will confess to the odd tear at the end because the ending is just beautiful...’ RELoten 
“I can’t believe this is the last time we will get to visit Mill Grange. The journey we have taken with the merry band of friends (who have become a family) has been magical, heart warming and beautiful.
Tina and Sam are married, Helen and Tom settle into being full time parents for Dylan, Thea and Shaun spend more time part than together and Mabel and Bert? Well they are the glue that holds everyone together.
Dylan’s soon to be stepsister Harriet suggests Mill Grange as a play venue when the one The Outdoor Players is flooded. Will Mill Grange prove to be the place of miracles as in the past?
I shall miss you dear friends, maybe we will hear from you again one day.”
“I loved revisiting Mill Grange and was totally caught up with the lovely characters in this book. This series has had everything in it, sad moments, happy joyful moments, sensitive subjects but above all beautiful descriptive writing and I am sad to leave Sam, Tina, Bert, Mabel and the rest of this wonderful community. Would love a scone made by Sybil from eggs laid by Gertrude and her ladies.”
“A lovely story of friendships , love and overcoming problems. Jenny Kane has written another fantastic book with new characters who need a helping hand declaring their interests in each other. A long comes Thea and her friends who give them a little nudge to help steer them in the right direction. If only we all had friends like them!
Thank you for a great book!”
“Love these books about the goings on at
Mill Grange. The reality of the effect of war on military veterans makes you appreciate our service men and women.
The importance of family is also brought home in this book.”