Last Friday I had the great honour of appearing (or at least being heard) on the radio!

I must thank Suzie Grogan of the Talking Books programme on 10Radio– the community radio station for  the Ten Counties in Somerset. It was lovely to be asked to come along and chat about my work as Jenny Kane, my erotica (as Kay Jaybee), and my inspiration as a writer.
10 Radio

I have to confess I was very nervous! The only other time I have been on a radio show- also live- was for Talk Radio, an ex-pats station in Spain. It was truly terrifying, as the host had been building me up as this whip wielding dominatrix type figure all day- which I am SO not. The whole point of that show had been to show that your ‘Average Jo’ type housewife writes erotica- she REALLY missed the point! On that occasion the interview was phoned in- this time I was in a proper studio, complete with microphones, radio producer, and a stomach full of butterflies!

I need not have worried however, everyone was so lovely and welcoming- and I had so much fun. I can only imagine how the first part of the interview must have sounded as I explained what BDSM stood for! Boy did Eddie, the producer, make Suzie blush with his off air commet- it’s a good job the piece of work I read out was from Jenny’s pen and not Kay’s! Although Suzie tells me that she had an email form a listener who’d hoped for something a little more full on than a passage from Christmas in the Cotswolds! Love it!

Christmas in the Cotswolds

The majority of the interview concentrated on my novel, Another Cup of Coffee– the first in the Another Cup of series…(which now includes Another Cup of Christmas and Christmas in the Cotswolds) – so it seemed fitting that when I was asked which piece of music I’d like played, tp pick ‘Another Cup of Coffee’ by Mike and the Mechanics. After all, the lyrics were one of the main influences in the writing of the book!

ACOcoffee FRONT 2014

So if you would like to have a listen, the Talking Books programme is repeated on Monday 6th December at approx. 6pm-follow this link.

It will also be uploaded as a podcast soon (I’ll let you know when!)

Happy reading (and listening)

Jenny x