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The Christmas Do

Up and down the country- whichever country that may be- men and women are laying down their laptops, putting aside their PC’s, closing their diaries, and switching on the answer machines so that they can head out on their ‘Work Christmas Do!’

As a self employed writer, if I went on a ‘Work Christmas Do’ all that would happen would be that I’d have a gingerbread muffin alongside my usual cup of coffee.

Or should I say, would ‘usually’ be- because this year I was invited to the RNA Christmas meal for the SW Chapter (Wilts and Somerset)! I’d like to thank the lovely Rachel Brimble for organising a wonderful evening at The George, Lacock last week.

RNA evening in lacock

Even though I’ve worked ever since I was 15 years old, this was my very first works Christmas outing. Every year until this one, something has happened to stop me attending. Whether it was illness, snow, flood, bad timing, or life just not playing fair- or in the case of the company I have been employed for as an outworker for the last 15 years- never being invited, something has always prevented me attending. So as you can imagine, as I was travelling from Devon to Wiltshire to attend, I was on tenterhooks, waiting for something to wrong.

stuck in snow

OK, so when I got to Lacock I initially went to the wrong pub – such mistakes are very me! But once I’d found everyone, I had the best time; catching up on what we’ve all been up to over the last year, and putting the writing world in general to rights. Not only did I have a wonderful time with my author friends, I met new kid on the block Fay Keenan, who turned out to be an even bigger Robin of Sherwood fan than me!

Writing, by its very nature, is an isolating profession; this makes any writer get together very value. At Christmas, when our loved ones and friends are off to party after party, and we’re all living in our own imaginations at our desks, such gatherings are more precious than ever.

Whatever the time of year, whether there are Christmas cracker to pull or not, writers need writers- without each other to talk to, I swear their would be homes for bewildered authors springing up all over the world!

So once again- thanks Rachel- you’re a star.

Happy Christmas Do-ing Everyone!

Jenny x



Tiny Acts of Bravery…

If you follow the ‘other’ me, then you’ll know that I am trying hard to be just that little bit braver this year. To stick the occasional toe outside of my comfort zone and do things I’m generally too nervous or shy to do.

This week, (and this is going to sound very feeble) for the first time ever I drove all on my own from my home to where my parents live. (I told you it would sound feeble!). Although I have done the journey a hundred times, I have always been firmly sat in the passenger seat, and I felt an almost ridiculous amount of pride in myself for making it all that way in my tiny little car. (Singing the whole way-out of tune- at the top of my voice!)

So why was I on this mid-week road trip?

RNA logo

On Wednesday evening I went to my very first Romantic Novelists Association meeting!!

As a writer I obviously spend a great deal of time on my own, and am very comfortable in my own company. I love spending time with friends, but I do get quite nervous when I meet new people.

Although I was really looking forward to my very first outing as Jenny Kane, as I got ready to head to a pub in gorgeous village of Lacock in Wiltshire, to meet fellow writers Rachel Brimble, Jane Lark, Nicola Cornick, and many others… I was experiencing more than a few butterflies in my stomach.


Of course I need not have worried at all- what a wonderful group of folk!!

Welcoming and kind, we were all soon chatting writing, and confirming my long held belief that writers really do need writers. Only fellow addicts of wordage really “get” all our strange little hang ups, our inbuilt paranoia, and our “do we market too much or not enough” worries. It is always a relief to know I’m not the only lunatic in the asylum!

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Rachel Brimble for allowing me to come along and join in the fun.

Now it’s back to the writing- and planning my next mini adventure of course…

Happy reading,

Jenny xx


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