Continuing my ’50 Things’ lists today, I’m admitting to a few things that – despite being 50 in nine days – I have never done.


I’ve never been drunk

This is partly for medical reasons – but mostly because I’m a massive self-control freak! While I’m happy for anyone around me to do whatever they like – I keep a very tight rein on my own behaviour. In short- I don’t know how to ‘let go’ – never have had.  I have a sneaky feeling the world isn’t ready for a drunk me anyway!

And – if I’m honest, I don’t feel as if I’ve missed anything!

I’ve never had nail varnish on my toes

I rarely wear makeup (unless I’m modelling). I honestly can’t see where people find the time to put it on! When it comes to making my feet look pretty – frankly, it’s a lost cause!

I’ve never worn perfume

I’m allergic to manufactured or unnatural scents. I sneeze my head off. Walking through any chemist or department stores cosmetics section is a minefield of potential disaster!

I’ve never had my ears pierced

Never seen the appeal of someone putting holes in my ears.

I never passed my Maths GCSE

But it’s not for the want of trying! I retook this swine of an exam 5 times- and got a ‘D’ every time. It was always going to be something go a lost cause – I’m hopeless with numbers. We simply do not get on. The only time it has really made a difference to my life is that it limited my university choices. However, once the ones I wanted to apply for knew I’d done GCSE Archaeology (I did an archeology degree), they simply flapped away the need for a maths GCSE.

It is a constant surprise to me that both of my children are excellent at maths. My son is so good at it, he went to a specialised Maths school for his A’ levels- and is now training to be an engineer!

Assuming you aren’t shaking your head in despair- pop back tomorrow to discover my top 5 movies…

Jenny x