A Very Fitting Title

With the exception of spending time my family and friends, there is nothing I like more than curling up with a large cup of coffee and a good book. These days however, I’m more likely to be seen bent over a desk (with a large coffee within grabbing distance), with a story manuscript of my own before me, than enjoying the labours of someone else.


It was my non-stop coffee drinking lifestyle that that influenced part of the plotline of my contemporary romance novel- the title alone gives that away! Another Cup of Coffee.

I have always found it a challenge to come up with good titles for my books. It is really difficult to come up with a short snappy sentence or phrase that both entices the reader to pick up a book, and also encapsulates the plot. Occasionally, I come up with a title first- think it sounds great, and so start a story based on that original thought, only to find my plot moves on so far that the original idea, that is no longer suitable, and a new title needs to be found!

This was the case with Another Cup of Coffee. Originally it was entitled ‘Coffee Stops’- the affectionate name my Mum and I have always given our habit of having lots of coffee breaks, in as many cafes as possible, whenever we go anywhere. However, there is just too much else going on in my novel for that title to work.

It was my wonderful editor at Accent Press, Greg, who suggested Another Cup of Coffee – and it was perfect!

Another Cup of Coffee is a well chosen title for two reasons. First, all of the main characters find life best faced over a steaming cup of caffeine! Especially Kit- an erotica writer, who can only write in cafe’s with coffee to hand- rather like a certain Kay Jaybee, who I know fairly well!!

Mike and Mech- coffee

The second reason Another Cup of Coffee is such a perfect title, revolves around Jack. Always hopeless at expressing his feelings, Jack uses song lyrics to help him get his point across. This is a habit picked up on by his friends- until someone (I’m not ruining the novel by telling you who!!!) begins quoting “Another Cup of Coffee” by Mike and the Mechanics at Amy…with very good reason (and not just because she loves coffee…)




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Happy Reading,

Jenny xx