The last thing I expected I’d be doing during the drafting of my latest romantic novel, Romancing Robin Hood was plotting my first murder- and yet, that is exactly what I’ve been doing over the past few days.


Perhaps, with a legendary outlaw in the title, it isn’t so surprising that I have found myself sorting out the finer points of a murder mystery- and yet I didn’t see this coming.

Whenever I begin a new novel, I have plenty of ideas, sketch out a plotline, and cobble together a synopsis, but at the same time I very much like my characters to take hold of the story themselves. I enjoy travelling with them, and being as surprised (hopefully) as my readers will be when they read my finished work.

Although Romancing Robin Hood is a contemporary romance, it also contains a secondary story about a fourteenth century criminal gang- the Folvilles. This family, based in Ashby-Folville in Leicestershire, were a group who I researched in-depth when I was a student many moons ago. Of the lower nobility, they took crime (both violent and otherwise), as a way of life.

My latest novels Fourteenth century protagonist Mathilda, is getting to know the Folville family rather better than she would have liked… (you’ll see!!) As well as living with them, she suddenly finds herself under a very frightening type of suspicion…


I must confess, I’m rather enjoying weaving this sub plot around the main romance of the modern part of Romancing Robin Hood.

I had no idea killing someone off could be so much fun!! It’s like doing a jigsaw from in the inside out, while having no idea where the corners are…I’m loving it- but whether you’ll work out who did it before Mathilda does…

I’m hoping not…but we will see…

Happy reading,

Jenny x