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I’m delighted to announce that my first publication as

Jennifer Ash is available


I just love this cover!!



The first in an exciting new series by acclaimed author Jenny Kane writing as Jennifer Ash.

When craftsman’s daughter Mathilda is kidnapped by the notorious Folville brothers, as punishment for her father’s debts, she fears for her life.  Although of noble birth, the Folvilles are infamous throughout the county for disregarding the law – and for using any means necessary to deliver their brand of ‘justice’.

Mathilda must prove her worth to the Folvilles in order to win her freedom. To do so she must go against her instincts and, disguised as the paramour of the enigmatic Robert de Folville, undertake a mission that will take her far from home and put her life in the hands of a dangerous brigand – and that’s just the start of things…

A thrilling tale of medieval mystery and romance – and with a nod to the tales of Robin Hood – The Outlaw’s Ransom is perfect for fans of C.J. Sansom and Jean Plaidy.

If you’d like to read my first medieval mystery, then The Outlaw’s Ransom is available for your Kindle here – 

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To mark the occasion I’m going on a blog tour- starting today!! Do drop by and say hello to get some insights into my medieval mystery and romance.


I’m off to have a celebratory coffee and watch an episode of Robin of Sherwood!!

Happy reading,

Jennifer xx


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  1. No chance of a physical copy? Even if it’s a Print-On-Demand type thing? x

    • If enough lovely folk buy the ebook then it will happen- In the meantime the shortened version can be found within the paperback, Romancing Robin Hood. The sequel- The Winter Outlaw (due out next year) will be a paperback for sure as it is much longer. Thanks hun xxx

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