I thought it would be fun to ask a friend to pretend she didn’t know me, and ask me some quick-fire questions she thought my readers might want to know the answers to! Yes- I know that’s a little bit mad- but I’m a writer- insanity is only ever inches away!!

Are you more like Kay (Jaybee) or Jenny in real life?


Do you love coffee as much as the characters in Another Cup of Coffee?

Even more than they do!

How do you take it?

Black- nothing added- Americano for preference

How many cups do you drink a day?

Too many

Do you really write in cafes and coffee shops like JK Rowling?

I really do – I even have my very own corner!! You can read all about it on Novelicious!! (bit.ly/1vyNnh8

Jenny Kane

What is your favourite hot drink – apart from coffee?

Coffee is the only hot drink I like- I HATE tea, and I’m allergic to milk, so can’t have hot chocolate, latte etc

Favourite colour?


Boots, trainers or heels?

Boots – I am not sporty, and I’d break my neck in heels. I am very clumsy!

Are the characters in Another Cup of Coffee based on real people?

Some of them are.

Which ones?

My lips are sealed.

Spoil sport- give us a clue?

I knew three of them at University- although I obviously wrote exaggerated versions of them- and they are all still my friends and totally lovely.

What did you study at University?

I did an Archaeology degree and then a Medieval History for a PhD.

Ohhh- like Amy in Another Cup of Coffee did…?

Yes- just like Amy did- well, the archaeology bit- I think I can guess the next question!

ACOC full print

So are you Amy?

I am a little tiny bit, but only a little bit. I more like Kit- but not too much!!!

You feature Kew Gardens in the book, have you been there, or did you just research in on Google?

I’ve been there a few times. I really like just wondering around the various greenhouses- and sitting in the cafes of course!

Jack and Rob run a bookshop in Another Cup of Coffee, is that based on a real place?

No, that I invented.

What is Jenny going to do next?

I’ve just finished writing the second spin off Christmas novella to follow Another Cup of Coffee.  It will be called another Cup of Mulled Wine, and should be out I November.


I hope this made you smile! I am certainly smiling- for Another Cup of Coffee is still selling well! THANK YOU. xx

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Thanks for dropping by!

Jenny xx