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Romancing Robin Hood: Final Pre-Publication Edit Time!

I always await the arrival of the pre-publication edits from my publisher with a sense of trepidation. Until that point, there is no way of knowing if my work has reached the standard they expect- and I admit, paranoia does set in a little while I’m awaiting my editors verdict!

It is with a sense of relief however then, that my editor declared Romancing Robin Hood a great read- I hope you agree once the time comes!!

This is my last chance to get my novel just as I want it. It’s a buffing up, polishing, and tweaking process that I enjoy very much. The final chance to play with my brand new novel before I hand it over to be enjoyed, criticised, and reviewed…

romancing robin hood

If you want to check out the blurb- just follow this link.

And if you fancy reading a little bit of the introduction- just follow this link.

So, I’m off to make a start- while I’m gone, why not enjoy a few Robin Hood pictures!

RH- Michael and Judi

RH- E Flynn

RH- RoS 2

Lytell Geste

Happy reading everyone- I’ll be back with a publication date for you soon.

Jenny xx


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  1. I know just where you’re coming from, being in exactly the same place myself.

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