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Blurb Reveal- Romancing Robin Hood

I’m delighted to be able to announce that the writing of my next Jenny Kane, Romancing Robin Hood, novel is well under way!


This time I’m taking a step away from the Pickwicks’ Coffee Shop setting in Richmond, that has been the home to my last two works (Another Cup of Coffee and Another Cup of Christmas), and am moving northwards to the Midlands of England- specifically Leicester, Nottingham, and Sherwood forest…


What happens when your love is stuck in the past…

Dr Grace Harper has loved the stories of Robin Hood ever since she first saw them on TV as a girl. Now, with her fortieth birthday just around the corner, she’s a successful academic in Medieval History, with a tenured position at a top university.

But Grace is in a bit of a rut. She’s supposed to be writing a textbook on a real-life medieval gang of high-class criminals – the Folvilles – but she keeps being drawn into the world of the novel she’s secretly writing – a novel which entwines the Folvilles with her long-time love of Robin Hood – and a feisty young girl named Mathilda, who is the key to a medieval mystery…

Meanwhile, Grace’s best friend Daisy – who’s as keen on animals as Grace is on the Merry Men – is unexpectedly getting married, and a reluctant Grace is press-ganged into being her bridesmaid. As Grace sees Daisy’s new-found happiness, she starts to re-evaluate her own life. Is her devotion to a man who may or may not have lived hundreds of years ago really a substitute for a real-life hero of her own? It doesn’t get any easier when she meets Dr Robert Franks – a rival academic who Grace is determined to dislike but finds herself being increasingly drawn to…


Robin Hood Statue - Nottingham

Robin Hood Statue – Nottingham

Part contemporary romance, and part historical mystery adventure, Romancing Robin Hood should (I hope!!), raise a smile, warm the heart, and keep you on the edge of your seat all at the same time!!!

More news soon!

Happy reading,

Jenny xx


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  1. Hi Jenny, I have just read your post about finished novel syndrome, and any attempts to empathise with you over it have been trampled by my excitement at reading this blurb- it’s the stuff my bookish dreams are made of! Congratulations on finishing the manuscript, and I eagerly await further news!
    Victoria x

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