Maddie and her sister Sabi are back at The Potting Shed, but are their troubles over?

Bluebell Season at The Potting Shed is the sequel of Frost Falls at The Potting Shed, part of a new series by #1 Kindle bestselling author, Jenny Kane, that revolves around a family-run garden centre.

Spring has arrived at The Potting Shed and things seem to finally be going Maddie’s way. Her relationship with lovable lawyer Ed is going well and the business is thriving with the help of her new friend Jo and his bright orange coffee van.

But troubles are just around the corner… The upgrade of The Potting Shed from a nursery to a garden centre is at a critical point – turning part of Maddie’s business into a building site, and just as she has to temporarily move out of her home, a major garden centre announces its grand opening only twenty miles away.

With money running out Maddie and her sister Sabi must think fast – they only have until the end of bluebell season to save The Potting Shed…

Out now as an ebook or paperback from Amazon UK, Amazon US, Kobo, and Waterstones and all good retailers.

Bluebell Season is also available in audio format from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Bluebell Season at The Potting Shed follows Frost Falls at The Potting Shed, and precedes Misty Mornings at The Potting Shed.   

Each book can be read as a standalone as well as part of the series.


“….I loved the way that everyone pulls together and does all they can to make the potting shed a success, but do they manage to open the extension on time to save it or was it all a waste of time and effort?
A really good read, good characters and plot line.” readsandeats15

‘Get into this story from the very first page. Well worth 5 stars, shame it can’t be more.’ NetGalley reviewer

‘It was so good to be back meet up with the characters at The Potting Shed… I look forward to reading how the characters lives progress as well as Maddie and Ed’s relationship following his promotion…I recommend this book.’ NetGalley reviewer, ***** stars 

‘A great sequel to the 1st book… A lovely read, was great to catch up with all the characters. I hope there is a 3rd book.’ NetGalley reviewer, ***** stars 

‘A charming and heartwarming story set in the idyllic English countryside… engaging and uplifting, with a satisfying sense of closure that will leave readers feeling warm and content. Overall, “Bluebell Season at The Potting Shed” is a delightful read that celebrates the joys of friendship, community, and following your dreams.’ NetGalley reviewer, ***** stars 

‘I loved this! It was so great to be back at The Potting Shed with Maddie and Ed… A brilliant book from start to finish.’  NetGalley reviewer, ***** stars 

‘I read Frost Falls at The Potting Shed, thoroughly enjoyed it, and couldn’t wait to read the next in the series. I must say, it was as good as the first. I felt like I was visiting old friends the moment I dived into the first page… If The Potting Shed was real (it actually feels as though it is) I would love to pay it a visit!’ NetGalley reviewer, ***** stars 

‘Another delightful visit to the potting shed!… These books are fabulous feel good reads and the gardening theme is really refreshing. I look forward to seeing what’s next in store for Maddie and the new garden centre!’ NetGalley reviewer, **** stars 

‘Good to be back at The Potting Shed again… Another great visit, I hope there are more to come.’ NetGalley reviewer, **** stars

‘The second instalment of the Potting Shed series continues the story of Maddie and Sabi and their fight to keep the might of the BIG corporation at bay. Whereas in Frost Falls At The Potting Shed focused very much on the dual battles between the two businesses and between the sisters themselves, in Bluebell Season the family is presenting a more united front with regards to the business and it is personal relationships which drive the plot. Sabi’s past comes back to haunt her, as does Jo’s, albeit in a very different way, whilst Maddie is caught in the middle of all the drama, trying to ensure her relationship with Ed progresses as it should.

Jake and Petra make cameo appearances, but I hope that they will continue to be involved in future books, as I think the development of their relationship and Jake’s continuing commitment to improving his literacy are provide a solid subplot which underpins many of the other relationships and storylines. In much the same way as the side (I won’t call them minor as that does them a huge disservice) characters in Mill Grange became much loved, Jake and Petra are establishing themselves as integral parts of the series. So many people undervalue their skills and intelligence for similar reasons as Jake, that I think having this represented in fiction is vital….’ Ruth Loten

“What a delightful read. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the Potting Shed and I thought this second book in the series was even better than the first. This was a really enjoyable read and I quickly reconnected with the characters, enjoying seeing them grow and the story progress. The storyline is very good and deals with issues in a very thoughtful and sensitive way.
The story continues from book one with Maddie and her sister Sabi trying to cultivate their business (excuse the pun) from a nursery to a garden centre. I loved seeing how Maddie dealt with everything that came along and how all the other characters are getting on, as well as meeting a few new ones. They are such a nice group.
This is a really good, easy read, the sort of book you want to pick up when you need a break and just sit back and enjoy the story. I do hope there are more books to come in this series as it is very enjoyable.”  Marian Girling (Jenny Colgan Book Club)
‘It was so good to be back meet up with the characters at The Potting Shed.
It was lovely to see how Ed encourages and supports Maddie, he really loves being at the nursery as much as her her.
Jo’s story was interesting to read, the way he saw himself and others saw him.
I look forward to reading how the characters lives progress as well as Maddie and Ed’s relationship following his promotion. The book can be read as a standalone, but it’s best to read the first book, so you can understand the story in this book better.
I recommend this book. ‘ Amazon 
‘A great sequel to the 1st book.
Maddie and her sister Sabi have set themselves a goal to change the nursery into a garden centre, they’ve set themselves a time limit to pay back their 1st loan in order to proceed with their dreams.
Unfortunately the Big garden centre are only a few miles away and having a grand opening. Can the sisters, along with their friends and family, get enough customers through their doors to make the business worthwhile?
A lovely read, was great to catch up with all the characters. I hope there is a 3rd book.’ Amazon 
‘It was brilliant to be back at the Potting Shed but you can read on its own. Loved how they moved on with the plans and the work with children. Some nice twists. Your past can catch up with you.. I felt for Jo and I got a bit confused with his story. A good read. Much enjoyed.’ Amazon.

‘I just loved reading the Bluebell season at the

The Potting Shed. It was so uplifting and indeed heart warming with some lovely characters. I look forward to reading more from Jenny Kane. ‘ Amazon

‘Another lovely visit to The Potting Shed. Maddie & Sabi have inherited their dad’s nursery & this story follows their journey into turning the business into a garden centre. So many ups & downs to go through before they hope to succeed. Lots of friends & families bring their own problems to the Potting Shed & nothing is straight forward!
I loved the first book & this just continued with great characters & feel good stories of their lives.
An easy read & that’s because of the great writing by Jenny Kane. Look forward to the next!’  Waterstones