Let’s get the low down on Mr Jack Brown…


Age– 34

Hair- Brown

Eyes – Hazel

Relationship Status – Serial short term dater

Employment– Owner and part time workers of the Reading Nature bookshop near Kew Gardens in London.

Characteristics– self confident, self indulgent, clever, kind, loves clubbing, drinks as much as coffee as he does beer, uses musical lyrics to help explain his feelings, determined never to get attached enough to someone to get hurt, or more importantly, not to hurt someone else, ever again…


The shower thunder cracked a searing hot cascade of water onto Jack’s head. Squeezing far too much shampoo into his hands, he began to viciously scrub his short hair. What the hell had he been thinking? Well, he hadn’t been thinking, had he? He never looked beyond himself. The moment. The day. He was so stupid. So angry with himself.


Why the fuck had he posted that tape? And more immediately, where was he? And how soon was he going to able to get away from whoever it was he’d spent the night with? Jack could feel the familiar sensation of suffocation closing in on him as he abandoned his hair and began to furiously soap his torso.

He was a shit. But then you have to be good at something.

And now Amy was coming here. It hadn’t crossed his mind that she’d visit, let alone physically move south. Not just south, but bloody London. Being back in touch and hopefully forgiven when she was safely tucked away in Scotland was one thing. But here. Face to face. Jack hadn’t banked on that at all.


Fifteen years ago Jack Brown was a student studying ecology and botany.

Fourteen years ago Jack met Amy.

Thirteen years ago he broke Amy’s heart.

Then he broke Kit’s heart too- although he doesn’t know that yet…

Now, shocked that the act of returning an old musical tape he’d borrowed from Amy so many years ago has sparked off her return South, Jack is preparing to face his demons. It is finally time to tell Amy why he walked out on her with no explanation what so ever…


Learn more about Jack Brown in Another Cup of Coffee– coming soon…

Jenny xx