Doing a local craft fair was a spur of the moment idea . One that I have to confess I had an uneasy feeling about.

Selling my wares in the anonymousness of London is one thing- but putting a face to my pen name locally was something I was nervous about.
However, with my brilliant artistic friend, Mayo, in tow, I thought “what the hell”, stocked up on a batch of Another Cup of Coffee, and dived in.

craft fair 2
Based in my local town hall, I think it would be fair to say trade was very quiet, as we were up against 3 other local fair’s, and the huge Christmas Market in the nearest city. However,  I had set my sights on simply enjoying myself – and only selling books if I was lucky- and so I felt thrilled when I’d sold half my stock, and Mayo had sold a painting, by half past one.

The most rewarding thing about going along to the event was meeting such amazing people. Our fellow stall holders were so kind, and each had a fascinating story to tell. Our customers were friendly and full of Christmas spirit. It was wonderful to meet so many new people in the neighbourhood.

Fistrel Beach by MayoArt

Fistrel Beach by MayoArt










So next time I do an event like this, perhaps I won’t feel so nervous about being seen to be Jenny (or Kay- I sold a few of her books as well!)- which is just as well, as I’ve been invited to do another book sale on Tuesday!!

Happy Reading

Jenny. xx