YIPPEE!!!!!!  The paperback release of Another Cup of Coffee has been bought forward to 16th Sept in the UK, and 19th Sept in the US!!!

Although I have been writing for some time, and have had 16 solo erotic novels, anthologies and novellas published before, this novel feels like a major first for me!

I love writing as Kay, and the erotica world has been very kind to me- but I must confess to feeling quite different about Another Cup of Coffee– partly because the story is based on a decision I had to make once upon a time (I tell you about that another day if you are very good), and partly because of the marketing issue- it is just so easy to tell people about my new novel!!


When you write erotica, you are preaching to the converted- to a small group of the population who love the genre. With romance, on some level, there is always the chance your work will appeal to everybody.

I love writing erotica- and it is a genre I really believe in- but forget 50 Shades- I’m talking real erotica, which is full of well crafted, well thought out, sexy stories. Some are mysteries, some thrillers, some crime based, others romantic, some emotional journeys- just like in any other branch of fiction.

The thing is though, in erotica you have to second guess people all the time. You can’t just stick up a poster up in a café or library advertising erotica for fear of offending, you can’t drop it in to conversation with people you don’t know well for the same reason- everything you say has to be judged on instinct. And to be honest- I’m okay with that- it is difficult and often frustrating, but I really don’t want to offend people – although to be honest, I don’t think  actually would if people stopped to read some, rather than assume they know what it’s going to be like.

Anyway- that’s an argument for Kay’s site- today I’m simply enjoying how lovely it is to be able to say, ‘I’ve written a novel called Another Cup of Coffee, can I put up a poster, can I read in the library, can I launch it at a National Trust house….” and not have to wonder what response I’ll get! It is a very freeing feeling!!

coffee and cake

So I’m raising a coffee to my first novel as Jenny- to all the lovely people who have bought it already, and the lovely reviews it’s already received- who knows, if I sell enough paperback and Kindle copies, I might get it in some bookshops!!



Happy reading,

Jenny xx