One of the best things about my life, is that is full of variety! No matter what happens for the rest of my days, I will never look back on my life and say I haven’t done anything!

This, “don’t waste a single minute of a single day” mentality was drummed into me by my wonderful grandparents, and is very much the way my parent’s live their lives- and I’m proud to be following in their footsteps! Of course, there are draw backs- I don’t really understand the concept of time off- and a break to me simply cannot involve sitting still- I can’t do that!! (Not without a book, pen, paper, crossword, etc etc in my hand anyway)

Today for example, I did two of my favourite, ‘not working’ things (well, after I’d sorted 2 hours of editing anyway)- first, I helped my friend set up a mini art exhibition in a lovely Somerset village to help raise funds for their adopted charity. The pictures – all beautiful- fill a large shop window. Getting them in there was something of a challenge! The space was, while perfect for pictures, very limited for humans, and the intense heat through the window glass meant it was rather like working in a half metre wide green house!

Don’t misunderstand me though- it was great fun!!! I adore challenges like that- taking an ordinary space and making it very special. And in such fab company, and with art as wonderful as this, it wasn’t hard!!


So for the next three weeks, if you happen to be driving by the village of North Curry, you’ll be able to see (and purchase), a range of oil paintings, pastels, and pencil drawings  by the brilliant MayoArt in the village store. Why not stop by the village, sip a pint of beer or a nice cool glass of vino while sat outside The Bird in the Hand pub, and check out Mayo’s seascapes and portraits from across the road!



Then, after a lovely pub lunch (thanks Annie and Ben!), I came home and helped my husband put up a new fence- which involved an oddly satisfying half an hour of archaeological reminisce. The very best tool for finding out how far down into the ground an old concrete post goes is an archaeologists trowel- happy memories!! I could have been scrapping away for hours.


Now the fence is sorted, the exhibition is underway, and the dinner is bubbling in the kitchen, so  it’s back to the edits for me. It isn’t that long until Romancing Robin Hood is due in at my publishers for checking- so I’d better crack on!!

romancing robin hood

Happy reading,

Jenny xx