How exciting!! My first blog on this, my brand new web site!!

It isn’t just the web site that’s new- my pen name is all new and shiny as well!

For the past 8 years I’ve been writing under an entirely different name, creating an entirely different sort of story.

So, you may have come across my work before- under the guise of Kay Jaybee- I’ve written 14 solo books, and had over 80 short stories published in others. I love writing as Kay- she is very much braver than I am, and it is such fun taking on her persona and weave tales of erotic romance, BDSM, and voyeurism.

However, I always planned to widen my literary horizons beyond erotica- but until now I’ve had neither the time nor the nerve to try! It’s a daunting thing trying to get a new book published, even if you already have a proven track record in your field. To jump the fence and branch into a different field altogether is a bit like starting all over again.

When I heard I was to have my first contemporary romance, Another Cup of Coffee, published, it felt every bit as exciting as it did when my very first erotic book was taken back in 2008! Just check out my gorgeous new cover!!!

ACOC- cover

The plot line for Another Cup of Coffee– which is more a story of modern friendship with romance, than a romantic story- has been simmering in the back of my head for years. In fact it first hit the paper in a very rough form before I’d ever dreamt up my first erotic tale- but I just didn’t have the skills or the confidence to do anything with it. But now, after serving my writers apprenticeship in the highly competitive erotica market, I decided I would throw caution to the wind and send my manuscript to a publisher.

With every expectation of being rejected, I waited- and made myself forget all about it, throwing myself into my next erotic novel- only to have my dream come true 3 months later- a yes from Accent Press!!!!






And so, very soon now, you’ll be able to buy my new novel!!! Think comfort food, think book chocolate, think something to curl up with on a sun lounger, or in front of the fire (either could apply during a British summer!!), while you get lost in the life of Miss Amy Crane, her friends, and the ghost from her past…

You can check out the burb on my ‘Books’ page- and there will be more details soon…

Jenny x