When my first romance novel, Another Cup of Coffee, came out three weeks ago I had a secret wish- I wished (well, I hoped), that the Kindle version would hit the top 50,000, and the paperback would hit the top 100,000 books in the Amazon charts.

Not high aims you might think; but there are  hundreds of thousands of books in the Amazon chart to try and sell against. This massive competition, combined with the fact that this is my debut novel in this genre, made me wonder if perhaps I was actually aiming too high.

ACOC- cover

It has been with some surprise- and no little amount of delight –  that I’ve peeped through my fingers, and nervously watched Another Cup of Coffee climb the charts, a few places at a time. Sometimes it goes up a bit, sometimes it goes down- and when, at the end of last week ,the paperback book got into the top 50,ooo an the Kindle version hit the top thousands- well, I just couldn’t look any more!

My husband told me the Kindle version had reached no. 454 this am!!! It may well have gone down a bit by now- I don’t dare look!!! The charts are updated at frequent intervals, so where a book is during one hour, might not be the same place as you’ll find it in the next hour!!

What I have been brave enough to check out however, is the Amazon UK Kindle romance chart- and major EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK- Another Cup of Coffee is in the top 100!!! At no.96!!! Chuffed to bits!!


Coffee smile

So- forgive me for this blog- it feels a bit like I’m simply showing off- but I promise you I’m not. I’m merely full of shock and pleasure!!! I have no idea how long this good run of sales will last, and I’m bracing myself for the run of bad reviews (the genuine ones, and the ones fuelled by sour grapes), that always follows a run of good reports- but I just wanted to say thank you for all your support in the meantime!!

If you haven’t found Another Cup of Coffee yet, and you fancy a read, you can find the Kindle version here-