2022 was – shall we say – challenging?

It definitely had it’s good points. On a personal note, I had my 25th wedding anniversary and I turned 50. Both of these events brought lots of fun with them, and many nights away, exploring various parts of the UK, and walking miles and miles of beautiful countryside. (Not to mention eating far more scones than I ought to have done. I will gloss over how many cups of coffee I’ve drunk in the cafes of England.)

On a writing note, 2022 was fairly quiet on the publication front – with just Frost Falls at The Potting Shed hitting the world.

Frost Falls at The Potting Shed

However, a quiet publication year can only mean one thing. Lots and lots of writing.

In 2022 I finished writing Frost Falls (which I began in 2021), wrote its sequels, Bluebell Seasons at The Potting Shed and Misty Mornings at The Potting Shed.

As Jennifer Ash, I’ve made a start on a new novel and I’ve written 5 short scripts, had a stab at a sitcom, wrote a long script based on a real life war time adventure – and can tell you nothing more about any of them!

2022 ended with a few upheavals in my non-writing life. None of them catastrophic- but all time consuming and are likely to slow my output a fraction in 2023.

Having said that – my next novel, the aforementioned Bluebell Seasons at The Potting Shed will be published in March, and Misty Mornings in October. (You can already pre-order them on Amazon!)

2023 will, as ever, come with a full creative writing teaching schedule, two retreats at the fabulous Northmoor, and a heap of lit fest appearances and book events.

For now however, it’s back to work and full steam ahead with the next novel.

Happy reading everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful year.

Jenny xx