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Abi's House new cover

Here’s a reminder of the blurb!!

Newly widowed at barely thirty, Abi Carter is desperate to escape the Stepford Wives-style life that Luke, her late husband, had been so keen for her to live.

Abi decides to fulfil a lifelong dream. As a child on holiday in a Cornwall as a child she fell in love with a cottage – the prophetically named Abbey’s House. Now she is going to see if she can find the place again, relive the happy memories … maybe even buy a place of her own nearby?

On impulse Abi sets off to Cornwall, where a chance meeting in a village pub brings new friends Beth and Max into her life. Beth, like Abi, has a life-changing decision to make. Max, Beth’s best mate, is new to the village. He soon helps Abi track down the house of her dreams … but things aren’t quite that simple. There’s the complicated life Abi left behind, including her late husband’s brother, Simon – a man with more than friendship on his mind … Will Abi’s house remain a dream, or will the bricks and mortar become a reality?

 Inspired by my childhood family holidays in the region, Abi’s House is based around Sennen Cove in Cornwall. What better place to base a story about love, friendship, and self discovery, than by the beautiful Cornish coast?



When I began to write Abi Carter’s story, this is how I imagined her dream house to look.

House for Abi- Sennen








But maybe it should have be like this house in Padstow, Cornwall – a real life Abbey’s House!!

Abbey's House, Padstow 2Abbey's House, Padstow






Just check out this trailer for Abi’s House– I love it!!  – YouTube link https://youtu.be/VAumWAqsp58

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