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Another Cup of Kit Lambert

There are four main characters at the beginning of my Another Cup of Coffee series…(Amy, Kit, Jack and Peggy), plus lots of extras. In this Christmas’s forthcoming novella addition to the series- Christmas at the Castle– the story belongs to one time erotica writer and romance writer, Kit Lambert.

At the beginning of the series, Kit is still an erotica writer- and she has a major skeleton in the cupboard…

Kit Lambert is…

Age– 33

Hair– Red

Eyes – Green

Relationship Status – Married to Phil, mother to twins Helena and Tom

Employment– Writer of erotica under the name Katrina Island- usually to be found writing in her favourite coffee shop, Pickwicks (run by her friends Peggy and Scott)

Characteristics– self contained, secretive, friendly, confident about her work but little else, Jack’s ex and best friend, serious coffee drinker…

Another Cup of Coffee - New cover 2015

An extract from Another Cup of Coffee…

The moment she arrived Kit spotted Jack at their usual table. His black leather jacket was thrown across the back of the wooden chair on which he was perched. He didn’t look right somehow. Normally he’d be virtually reclining, a flirty smirk playing across his face as he watched her walk towards him. Today Jack seemed pale and almost twitchy. Kit’s stomach turned over; what if he was ill? It was a possibility, especially in his world. She instantly told herself off for such a stereotypical thought, but a voice still nagged. Something was wrong.

It was a relief to come to her turn in the queue. Paying for a large Americano and two Chelsea buns (it looked as though they might need extra sugar); Kit took up her tray and headed towards Jack.

‘Do you think it’s possible to love someone, love them very much, and still know in your heart that it will never work between you?’ The sentence exploded from Jack’s mouth like bullets from a gun; not even waiting for Kit to take her coat off before blurting out what was on his mind.

‘Bloody hell, Jack! That’s a heavy question for a Monday lunchtime.’

‘Sorry…’ Instantly abashed, Jack seemed almost ashamed.

Too late, Kit realised that in her relief that Jack hadn’t announced he was sick; she had made a huge error in making light of his question. Such soul searching was so out of character that she’d been taken by surprise. He’d probably been building up to asking that all night.

coffee cups

Amazed, Kit watched as Jack stood up, ignoring his drink and cake, grabbed his jacket, and walked out. He’d always had a taste for the dramatic gesture, but this was different. Kit sat where she was, fighting her natural instinct to run after him. Sipping her coffee, she ran his words through her head. Who did he love hopelessly? Maybe he wasn’t referring to himself at all? Kit snorted into her coffee; of course it was about him. It was always about him. Perhaps he’d fallen for a married man who wouldn’t give up the more traditional part of his life? Or maybe … No, don’t be ridiculous … Kit quashed a treacherous thought. Picking up her phone, she fired off a text.

Come drink ur coffee. I’m sorry, u took me by surprise. K x

Jack’s drink was stone cold by the time Kit had given up on a reply.


Twelve years ago Kit met Jack.

Eleven years ago Jack broke Kit’s heart- but she decided not to tell him- it wouldn’t have helped in the circumstances…

Ten and a half years ago Kit met and married Phil, and all her feelings for Jack were buried in a little box at the back of her had… but now someone called Amy is coming, and the box is opening, whether Kit wants it to or not…

You can learn more about Kit in Another Cup of Coffee, Another Cup of Christmas…and again in the forthcoming Christmas at the Castle.


If you want to read Kit’s story from the beginning, Another Cup of Coffee is available in paperback and all eBook types from all good retailers, including-

Happy reading,

Jenny x



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