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Lots of Coffee and a Book Launch

The official book launch, and signing session for my best seller Another Cup of Coffee, in my local branch of Costa began with a huge smile spreading across my face, when I saw the plaque that had been fixed to the wall next the table where I sit and write everyday!!


What a wonderful to start to an amazing day! A start that was improved even further when the local business Lilliepop’s Lane presented me with this gorgeous wooden cup!!

Jades cup

From 10.30 I had the pleasure of talking to, selling to, and signing books for, a wonderfully friendly group of people, who came along to buy, not just Another Cup of Coffee, but my latest novel, Romancing Robin Hood as well. The lovely Mike from the Tiverton Gazette came by, as did our lovely mayor, Sue Grigson.

I had so much fun!!!

Costa book signing


I even had a little  ‘Over 18’s’ corner tucked away for Kay!

Cosat signing, Kay's corner

I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the people of Tiverton for their support today, and to the wonderful staff of Costa Tiverton, who have been so welcoming, and have helped make the event a great success!!

Happy reading everyone,

Jenny xx


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  1. Oh Kay (I can’t get used to Jenny, lol) that plaque is so lovely. This is so so so nice. Happy for you!

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