Hello, it’s Jenny Kane here – or is it?

This week I was lucky enough to announce the pre-order of my first entirely historical mystery, The Outlaw’s Ransom. As this is a new genre, it comes with a new pen name – Jennifer Ash.


As some of you will know, I also write as two other ‘people’ as well- both for the over 18’s only market…

Then of course, there’s the real me, who occasionally gets a bit lost in translation.

I often get asked questions like – ‘Don’t you get a bit confused?’ ‘Do you have trouble remembering who you’re supposed to be?’ ‘Why not just publish everything under your own name?’

Well – in answer to the first two questions – yes, I do sometimes get confused, and when I am called by my real name I frequently take a few seconds to realise I’m the person being addressed.  As to the third question, well- it’s largely a marketing thing, and rather boringly to do with bookshelf spacing, advertising and so on.


Here’s a quick guide as to who all my ‘ME’s’ are!

Jenny Kane writes RomCom style contemporary fiction – with a hint of romance and a healthy spattering of coffee drinking included. (Tea drinkers are also welcome)


Jenny Kane also writes children’s picture books of the very quirky variety. There is no coffee on offer, but cookies are involved by way of compensation.


Jennifer Ash writes fourteenth century medieval mysteries– also with a hint of romance, but with no coffee whatsoever. There is ale though – lots of ale.

The Outlaw's Ransom

Kay Jaybee writes award winning, full on, adult only, erotica. It has been known to include coffee, although not as a drink.. Enough said… If you wish to learn about Kay, then feel free to visit her at www.kayjaybee.me.uk You should NOT visit Kay unless you are over 18. If you are under 18 and you visit her, you’ll make her very cross- not something I’d advise you doing…


There is another ‘ME’, but that name is not shared…ever…

And then of course, there is me. The actual me, who looks remarkably like Jenny and Jennifer and Kay. I can’t tell you that much about her except she works 12 hour shifts as a writer, and goes to work, and runs a house, and has a family (pretty much like every other writer I know).She often has moments of total forgetfulness, is very clumsy, drinks WAY too much coffee, loves Malteasers, and is rather keen on all things Robin Hood…Oh, and she is very happy.

Hope that’s helped you a bit. As to me, well…it’s way to late for any help this end!

Happy reading everyone,

Jenny/Jennifer/Kay/Me xxx