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The importance of book reviews

I have recently been blessed with some lovely reviews for my latest novel, Abi’s Neighbour.

Reviews are the only way an author can tell if he or she is ‘hitting the spot’ or not. Obviously high book sales can tell you if your book is successful – but sale figures can do no more than reflect how good your marketing is. It is feedback from your readership that tells you if your stories are actually working.

If you wrote a thriller- did it thrill?

If you wrote a romance- did it melt the heart?

If you wrote a horror- did it give your reader nightmares?

Obviously this set of questions is simplistic, but the point is- authors need to know – and way to tell them is via reviews.

Good reviews improve our standing and our professional reputations. They improve our ratings on Amazon and equivalent book selling platforms. The more good reviews an author has, the better their sales will become.

I’m not saying that you should only give good reviews. If a book has disappointed, let you down and so on, then some constructive criticism can help an author- even though it might be difficult to swallow sometimes!

What you should not do is give a poor review because…

… of poor delivery packaging (nothing to do with the author)

…the book isn’t the one you meant to purchase- (you pressed the buy button)

…you didn’t like the cover after all, so you didn’t bother reading the book etc etc

My favourite 1 star review was for Another Cup of Coffee – it was complaining about all the sex in it.

This confused me. There is a suggestion that sex might happen on two occasions within that 97,000 word book. There is no actual sex.  I dread to think what might have happened if that reviewer had accidentally purchased one of my Kay Jaybee books!!!

If you enjoy a book – PLEASE review it.

It takes up to a year to write a book for you to read in a matter of days. Any positive feedback you can give helps us! A lot.

It’s tough in the world of publishing right now. We need to help each other to keep those books coming.

Whether you leave a review on the Amazons, WHSmith, Waterstones, or the brilliant Goodreads – every single one helps.

Every single one.

And with that…I have some reviews to write for some books I’ve recently enjoyed!

Thanks you,

Happy reading,

Jenny x



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  1. Anne Polhill Walton

    Brilliant post, Jen – oh how we all need as many reviews as possible! Even from not-so-keen readers, if they say in a constructive critique what disappointed them.

  2. Lovely piece. Yep, posted a review for an author today – on both Amazon and Goodreads. Normally I post on both UK and US Amazon sites. It’s a continual frustration that Amazon does not share reviews across all their platforms. I am certain that if they did, it would greatly increase their profits – as they’d definitely sell more books. Books with more reviews get bought more often than those which don’t.

    • Thanks both – Amazon baffle me on many levels. They often remove reviews if someone has been too nic to an author too often! Have they not heard of fans? x

  3. thanks for this illuminating article. You say it takes ‘up to a year’ to write a book. Wow, I wish I could write a book in a year. Try three years. 😀 All the best!

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