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New Novel Stage 3- End of Part One

Any of you who’ve read Another Cup of Coffee will know, I split the first novel in the Another Cup of… series into monthly sections.

Inside Another Cup of Coffee


Another Glass of Champagne will also follow this format- this time over three summer months- June, July and August.

This week I finished writing the action that takes place in June- and therefore I’ve now drafted the first part of my novel! And let me tell you- June for the Pickwicks guys has been one eventful month!

“Oh Jack!! How could you?… “

Now “June” is over- on paper at least-that means I’ve now written a third of my novel! Yeah!! 35k down- approx. 60k to go!!

I’ll be off to hit “July” then…

Another Glass of Champagne_edited-1

Happy reading,

Jenny xx



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