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Uplifting Reads: Bluebell Season Bargain!

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Bluebell Season at The Potting Shed has been selected to be one of Aria Fiction’s UPLIFTING READS for this summer!


Maddie and her sister Sabi are back at The Potting Shed, but are their troubles over?

Bluebell Season at The Potting Shed is the sequel of Frost Falls at The Potting Shed, part of a new series by #1 Kindle bestselling author, Jenny Kane, that revolves around a family-run garden centre.

Spring has arrived at The Potting Shed and things seem to finally be going Maddie’s way. Her relationship with lovable lawyer Ed is going well and the business is thriving with the help of her new friend Jo and his bright orange coffee van.

But troubles are just around the corner… The upgrade of The Potting Shed from a nursery to a garden centre is at a critical point – turning part of Maddie’s business into a building site, and just as she has to temporarily move out of her home, a major garden centre announces its grand opening only twenty miles away.

With money running out Maddie and her sister Sabi must think fast – they only have until the end of bluebell season to save The Potting Shed…

During July and August, you’ll be able to pick up Bluebell Season and a selection of other fabulous fiction from Aria for ONLY 99p.

You can find all of these books here:

Bluebell Season at The Potting Shed follows Frost Falls at The Potting Shed, and precedes Misty Mornings at The Potting Shed.   

Each book can be read as a standalone as well as part of the series.

If you prefer a paperback, Bluebell Season is available from Amazon UK, Amazon US, Kobo, and Waterstones and all good retailers. Or if you’d like to listen to Bluebell in audio format, it can be purchased from Amazon UK and Amazon US


“….I loved the way that everyone pulls together and does all they can to make the potting shed a success, but do they manage to open the extension on time to save it or was it all a waste of time and effort?
A really good read, good characters and plot line.” readsandeats15

‘Get into this story from the very first page. Well worth 5 stars, shame it can’t be more.’ NetGalley reviewer

‘It was so good to be back meet up with the characters at The Potting Shed… I look forward to reading how the characters lives progress as well as Maddie and Ed’s relationship following his promotion…I recommend this book.’ NetGalley reviewer, ***** stars 

‘A great sequel to the 1st book… A lovely read, was great to catch up with all the characters. I hope there is a 3rd book.’ NetGalley reviewer, ***** stars 

‘A charming and heartwarming story set in the idyllic English countryside… engaging and uplifting, with a satisfying sense of closure that will leave readers feeling warm and content. Overall, “Bluebell Season at The Potting Shed” is a delightful read that celebrates the joys of friendship, community, and following your dreams.’ NetGalley reviewer, ***** stars 

‘I loved this! It was so great to be back at The Potting Shed with Maddie and Ed… A brilliant book from start to finish.’  NetGalley reviewer, ***** stars 

‘I read Frost Falls at The Potting Shed, thoroughly enjoyed it, and couldn’t wait to read the next in the series. I must say, it was as good as the first. I felt like I was visiting old friends the moment I dived into the first page… If The Potting Shed was real (it actually feels as though it is) I would love to pay it a visit!’ NetGalley reviewer, ***** stars
Happy reading,
Jenny x

Opening Lines: The Prosecco Effect by Cheri Davies

This week I’m delighted to welcome a good friend, Cheri Davies, to my blog to share the ‘Opening Lines’ from her romantic novella,

The Prosecco Effect.


Can love shine brighter than a super trouper spotlight for Felicity and Orlando?

Felicity Joy is a fallen star: axed from the leading role in a TV drama and jilted at the altar, her life is a mess. A six month theatrical tour of Italy offers escape: a chance to rebuild her career, mend her broken heart and indulge in her favourite cuisine.

Orlando Locatelli is an Italian restaurateur superstar. But his family are big trouble and his theatre director father has a penchant for his leading ladies.

Damaged by secrets and with careers their number one priority, Felicity and Orlando aren’t looking for love. But when they meet, the attraction is instant.

Will theirs be a brief encounter or can they overcome their fears to be together forever?

An uplifting, irresistible romance set in Italy and the glamorous world of show business – a perfect, sunny read

Buy here:


In all her thirty-eight years Felicity Joy hadn’t felt as wretched as she did that glorious spring morning. Given her bad start in life that was really saying something. As she scuttled along, her chin held low against her chest, the sun warmed the back of her neck, the edges of the cheap wig scratched against her jawline. Despite hours in front of the bathroom mirror, trowelling on concealer, cooling gel and foundation, she was startled when she caught a glimpse of her reflection in a shop window.

She stopped and admitted she had looked better. Her blotchy cheeks and red-rimmed, swollen eyes were still visible – to her if no one else. She touched the wig with her fingertips, nail varnish chipped and flaking. The fringe was severe, but she liked the way it grazed her brows, obscuring the fine lines on her forehead, and the bright red hue emphasised the Mediterranean green of her eyes. Note to self: Book some Botox. Through the grimy glass, Felicity caught sight of a man at the counter, staring at her, long and hard. She saw a glint of recognition wash over his dull complexion and shuddered. Turning sharply, she scurried down Frith Street.

Damn Susi. Why on earth did they have to meet in Soho? Why not somewhere less showbizzy? Some place where no one gave a shit, where Felicity wouldn’t know anyone and few would recognise her. Where Felicity Joy, formerly the nation’s sweetheart, fêted actress, model and dancing superstar could blend into the crowds. Where Felicity Joy, jilted lover and talentless, two-timing, heartless harlot could also disappear.

Dodging an abandoned Big Mac she stepped into the gutter, narrowly missing a pile of steaming dog crap. At least the owner had dragged the animal off the pavement, though it was evidently asking too much to pick up the mess. She remembered a line from a favourite play: ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.’ The quote was a personal motto; she’d lived her life by it. Oscar Wilde, the man was a genius, and he’d suffered.

Good grief, Fliss, the poor man went to prison for loving the wrong kind of person; I’m lucky really. Really lucky. And if I repeat this often enough, I will believe it; I will.

She repeated the mantra as she walked but her throat contracted regardless.

I must not cry in the street. I must not cry in the street. I must not cry, full stop.

That would be the very worst thing; it might draw attention and, right now, that was the very last thing she needed. She’d had far too much attention of late – all the wrong sort.

The restaurant was warm and as she raced down the steep steps to the basement room she unzipped her parka. Wafts of basil, fresh tomatoes and pizza dough wafted by – delicious. How she loved Italian. Susi was sitting in the far corner, back to the wall, at…


Buy your copy for the bargain price of 99p 

This special price is available for a short time only- so grab your copy now!



Cheri Davies is a mother to ginger boys and author of The Prosecco Effect. A former actor, Cheri loves to write romance and intrigue set in the glamorous world of show business. The Prosecco Effect is the first book in the Stage Door series, following the adventures of Felicity Joy and Orlando Locatelli in Italy. Cheri has published four novels and numerous short stories in another guise. An unsporty girl, Cheri surprised herself, and many others, when she broke the school long jump record aged 12. It was the first time she’d jumped – competitively. 


Many thanks to Cheri for sharing her 500 words with us today

Happy reading,

Jenny x

Summer Read for ONLY 99p or 99c

Another Cup of Coffee, the first in a series of stories about the regular customers and staff of the Pickwicks Coffee Shop in London, is  ONLY 99p or 99c.

Another Cup of Coffee - New cover 2015

“As uplifting as an espresso, as light as a skinny latte – I loved this frothy cappuccino of a book!” – Christina Jones


Thirteen years ago Amy Crane ran away from everything she knew, ending up in an unfamiliar city with no idea of her future. Now, Amy’s past has caught up with her, arriving on her doorstep in the shape of an old music cassette that Amy hasn’t seen since her university days.

It’s time to confront the real reason Amy left, time to reconnect with all those she left behind and time to stop running…but most of all it’s time to discover why Jack has sent her tape back, after all these years…

With a bucket-sized cup of coffee, Amy prepares to go forth and lay the ghost of first love to rest…


Here are some of the kind things people have said about Another Cup of Coffee…

I did develop a borderline caffeine addiction whilst reading this but, thanks to the great storyline, it’s totally worth it!

The characters seem so real. It was as if I have known these characters and actually lived their story right along with them.

A good story of real people. It has light humorous moments and piquant passages.

“Another Cup of Coffee” is definitely refreshing…’

You can buy Another Cup of Coffee for only 99p or 99c via these links-

Happy reading everyone,
Jenny xx

Interview with Julie Frayn: Mazie Baby

I’m am delighted to welcome a new voice to my blog today today. All the way from Canada, the lovely Julie Frayn is answering questions about her hit novel, Mazie Baby. Julie is also giving you the chance to buy her novel at a bargain price!!

Let’s dive in with the first question!


What inspired you to write your book?

The first inspiration came from a flash of a scene. Just scissors sticking out of a man’s thigh. While I wrote it, the faces of women I know have been abused kept popping into my head, including one woman who was murdered by her husband before he committed suicide. I hadn’t intended to write an abuse victim’s manifesto, but that seems to be how it is being received.

What type of research did you have to do for your book?

So much research! I read true stories of domestic abuse, studied the stages of abuse, and of grief. There was research into the Canadian legal system. My brother is a police officer, so he was a great resource, and a friend introduced me to a Crown Prosecutor who helped me get the trial details right. I am grateful to them, and to the Google Gods as well.

Which Point of View do you prefer to write in and why?

I write in third person deep POV. Deep means you do away with the ‘he thought’ and ‘she wondered’ and just state their thoughts. You are inside their head, but it’s not first person narrative.

Do you prefer to plot your story or just go with the flow?

I’m a pantser. I go along for whatever ride my characters take me on.

What excites you the most about your book?

The honesty with which the tale is told – an ‘unflinching eye,’ as another author has termed it. Also, the enthusiasm with which it is being received. And of course, the cover. My sister, Carolyn Frayn, created the cover while undergoing chemotherapy (for the second time). She made the blood from beet juice and corn syrup, and used my daughter as the model for Mazie. It’s a beautiful, and very personal cover.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Mazie Baby is on sale from March 5 – 11 for $1.99 (regularly $2.99). I think that translates to about £1.29, normally £1.94. Sending out a huge thanks to UK readers who have really taken a shine to the story.


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Julie Frayn


Julie Frayn pens award-winning novels and short stories that pack a punch. And a few stabs. She has published three novels and two short, short story collections. Suicide City, a Love Story won two gold medals in the 2013 Authorsdb cover contest, It Isn’t Cheating if He’s Dead won the Books and Pals 2014 Readers’ Choice award for women’s fiction, and Mazie Baby was named to three Best of 2014 lists by Suspense Magazine,, and

A bean counter by day, Julie revels in the written word. When she is not working or writing, she spends as much time as possible with her two children (grown adults, really), while they still think she’s cool.

Social links:




Google+ :




Many thanks for coming by today Julie! Great interview. Don’t forget to grab your BARGAIN priced copy of Mazie Baby folks!

Happy reading,

Jenny xx


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